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Belmont Hearing Notes

Written by Robin Nelson of

What follows is a description of events from the public appeal hearing this wednesday Dec. 8th at City Hall, before the Planning and Land Use Commission for the appeal of the Belmont Art Park:

After listening to many thoughtful statements from the community, Councilmember Ed Reyes dismissed the appeal without having a discussion with his board m...

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A short history of the RTD

Story by Mr. RTD
50mm staff writer

I go by the name of MR.RTD and am a historian on yes you guessed it the history of the bus system so remembered in the Los Angeles of the 80’s to many people, especially the writers and riders of the time.

But lets go back for a quick time machine ride through LA transit past.

Until 1958 there were two main competing rail and bus systems owned as pr...

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If ever there was a time to get your ass down and do something for this great city and our culture, the time is right fucking now. Get your ass down to Belmont and help stop the machine. Do what ever you can in a LAWFUL manner by way of peaceful protest. We stress LAWFUL manner. Anything else would only help the cause of the developers. They are pulling a disho...

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Writer Spotlight: QUIK ONE NYC

Story by Jimmy Olsen
50mm staff writer

Jimmy Olsen: What do you write ?

Quik: I am most popular for the name QUIK, although I started out doing graff as STAR-X. I began as a child looking up to guys like STAR III, Star 206, SPIN, STOP and SUPERSTRUT.

Jimmy Olsen: When did you start writing?

Quik: I had been scribbling on things at school and church as early as 1970, but didn...

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Why Do You Write? A Look Into the Motives Behind Graffiti Art

Story by Gabe the Saint
50mm staff writer

Graffiti artists often fumble when posed with the question- “why do you write?” The answer to that question is indisputably subjective. Nonetheless, we can affirm that there are several components that motivate and bond Graffiti artists, some are obvious such as artistic expression, and recognition. There are the superficial reasons for instance...

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Writer Spotlight: COLT 45 TKO LOD OTR

Unit: Seriously, WHY do you write? What motivates you to write? Dig deep...

Colt45: Really, I motivate myself because I constantly doubt myself. Everyone thinks I'm a major egomaniac, and I am arrogant at times, always on purpose of course. But actually I continually doubt myself and I am never satisfied with what I've accomplished in any area of my multi-layered life. So for graffiti, I just ...

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Wheat Pasting with Robbie Conal

On May 27th 2004 in Los Angeles a mob of heads performed their civic duty and took part in an Anti-Bush wheat paste campaign lead by LA's Robbie Conal. Conal has been posting political bills for decades and if you are an LA native as I am, you grew up seeing the gnarled wrinkly faces of politicians and world leaders adorning electrical boxes everywhere. I always wondered how he managed to put in a...

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Story by Unit TBG CBS
50mm staff writer

If you’ve been having as much trouble as I have finding a copy of the new Style Wars Revisited DVD then hit up Scion ROUTE a hip-hop film screenings tour and catch it for free along with three other films important to Hip Hop history.

Scion is partnering with various different student organizations in order to host screenings of four independent fil...

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(I found this story floating around the internet last year before the invasion of Iraq began... It explains a whole lot about what the fuck is going on.) -Unit

By Geoffrey Heard
Melbourne, Australia

Summary: Why is George Bush so hell bent on war with Iraq? Why does his administration reject every posit...

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Law Enforcement Spotlight: 50mm Talks With a Cop

Story by Too Tall Jahmal
50mm staff writer
Photos by Gabe the Saint

Recently, we spoke via email with a member of the Graffiti Task Force...

TooTall: Who are you and what do you do?

Detective ACEE: Detective Acee with the California Highway Patrol (CHP). Lead investigator for the CHP’s Los Angeles City/County Graffiti Task Force. The task force is made up of 14 CHP investiga...

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50mm poll...

What is more important to the longevity of graffiti?
Unity amongst all writers.
Low pro spots-keeping it under the radar.
Going all out and bankrupting the system.

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